Plein Air: Old Ranch House in Weimar, TX

Ol’ Ranch House at Sunset, acrylic, 8×10″ (Sold! Thanks, Sharon and Glynn!!)
I went out to paint close to sunset at an old ranch house surrounded by Live Oaks just down the road from me. In fact, it’s the same ranch with the barn I did a study on in an earlier post a week or two ago. What drew me to it was the bright white of the house lit up by the sun shining almost directly against it, in contrast to the dark live oaks. I had just enough time to slap down the color notes before the sun set and then took it home to finish it. I softened the edges of the trees and sky to give it a sense of mystery but maintain the peace you feel when viewing it. 

I was curious what else is down this street since I now have about ten paintings just from the first three miles, so tied on the jogging shoes and did the full loop (7+ miles). I saw at least three more paintings and have seriously sore calves. Worth it! 


“Fer Rent, Purty Views” (Muldoon, TX)

"Fer Rent, Purty Views" 6x8" Acrylic
“Fer Rent, Purty Views” 6×8″ Acrylic

Decided to have some quick fun with a reference pic. If you’re on Frieburg Rd. and about to turn onto Gebert, this is the landmark in rural country to look for. Without it you’ll probably miss the turn because of all the fence bushes hiding it. It’s the most rickety, dilapidated old barn with years of patch work with old tin roofing I’ve ever seen, however, it has this incredible view. There’s an expanse of green cultivated fields and it sits on a hill high enough that distant hills turn to a shade of blue. Unbelievable.

reference pic
reference pic (clouds didn’t do the colors of the view justice)

Just a bit o’ fun.