Value studies for Nathan Fowkes’ Landscape Class (Assgn. #1)

Thumbnails of master artist works for
I’ve been wanting to get serious with studies and taking actual classes in art for years and I just found I’d followed Nathan Fowkes as an illustrator specializing in landscapes for a while and found an in-depth, full video lecture series for $15/mo. In a 9 week class on landscapes.  I can afford this! Yes!

First we find the underlying design master paintings are structured on and then produce some small 3×5″ paintings in grayscale. These are my first 4. Many more to go! I want to get used to seeing a work I really like and immediately do this to understand its design. These took under an hour each, which is part of the assignment. 

I highly recommend getting a subscription at Schoolism!


2 thoughts on “Value studies for Nathan Fowkes’ Landscape Class (Assgn. #1)”

  1. Hi Stephen

    I’m really happy to hear about the professional level of Schoolism.
    I just found out about it when I purchased Nathan Fowkes outstanding book ”How to Draw Portraits in Charcoal” (a book I would recommand to anyone interested in portrait). But I wasn’t aware (yet) of this inexpensive set of courses on Schoolism.
    I’m currently on NewMastersAcademy, took advantage of a 50% yearly subscription.

    Back to your studies. Fantastic work, the statements of those great painters become very clear indeed. Keep posting. I’m certainly going to give it a go once my NMA subscription runs out. It’s e-xac-tly whay I’m struggling with, looking to improve in my landscape plein air and studio painting.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for letting me know that’s a good book! He’s a great instructor. You’ll love Schoolism if you like how NMA has multiple instructors to learn from. You can buy “switch tags” for $1 each on Schoolism, so when your done with that course, switch to another one from the same instructor or a different one. Thanks for the compliments!

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