Plein Air: Small Statue

For a change in subject from the usual landscapes, I painted a small cement statue of a boy holding grapes and a cup. My grandmother has owned this for probably longer than I’ve been alive, and now that she lives away from home in assisted living, I think she’d enjoy this one. 

What caught my eye initially to do this sketch was the deep shadows cast across the face and body, but as I started painting it, all the colors and the dry texture were so interesting, it became a secondary focus. Over the years, lichen has grown onto it in deep purples, greens and rust colored oranges. It was a unexpected challenge to find those colors both for the shadow and the lit sides! For the painters out there, if you take a picture of it, seeing it in the camera screen will clearly show you where you are probably off in both color and accuracy of the proportions (but not value). I found several times I was not painting with a warm enough color in the sun-lit side and making that adjustment really helped to offset the cool colors in the shadows! Nice way to check yourself as it progresses. 


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