Studio Work: “Sunset over Sedan” Weimar, TX

A few weeks ago, I rode my bike down the road in Weimar, TX around dusk, and found an amazing scene with clouds rolling up behind the treeline. I had just enough time to catch the mood in a quick sketch and the basic colors. It wasn’t anything show-worthy, but the information was gold. It’s more than just a sketch, but more like a short story without words. It was calm, warm, the clouds where changing behind the trees while the setting sun changes the color. Cows were grazing slowly along the tree line. It was serene. 

That’s the first part of the journey. A studio painting takes on a story of it own. It starts with a replica of the sketch, just enlarged, but as the painting developed, the composition calls for changes. The tree line on the right and background trees needed to be reduced to support the focal area around the big tree where the sun meets it. The field in the foreground had no road, but it added a the viewer access into the area mentally to explore. It didn’t change the serene feeling, which is the central role the painting is founded on. It may call for little tweaks over the next few weeks, but it’s a solid finish already.


5 thoughts on “Studio Work: “Sunset over Sedan” Weimar, TX”

  1. This painting is not only beautiful, but it has all sorts of surprises in it! Bursts of sunlight coming through the tall tree; the overgrown field road which leads the eye to the beautiful sunset; the tumbling fence posts on the right, covered in field vines….

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