Plein air: Weimar, TX

It’s been a while since my last post since Instagram has been popularized as an artist hangout, but blogging is really the place to tell the story behind the painting. So, I’ll begin again.

I’ve enjoyed cycling on the country roads around Weimar, TX filled with scenes of farm life, cows, hay bales and old crooked barns. I have a small day pack with my favorite Walmart field easel strapped to it, which is something the locals aren’t quite used to seeing. When I find a scene and pull off the side and set up my tripod-easel, they think I’m a surveyor or something practical. To see me painting, well that’s just weird. With repetition, I’m slowly breaking them in and now have the western side of Weimar used to me, waving and checking out what’s new on the easel. 

I ventured out to the eastern side for this scene and found a small shallow creek winding through the grasses and large Live Oaks. The bridge over it had just enough room to set up on the side. As folks passed, they had no idea what I was doing and I got the “stink eye” from some. It’ll take some time, but they’ll learn and soon enough, start to wave. It’s the Weimar way. Change takes time, but anything new is refreshing. 

I was fascinated with the different shadows being cast on the ground and water by the trees and grass. It’s hard to catch everything in the small 6×9″ sketch pad, but shadows from small moss patches shadowed the creek bed like clouds do on a large open space, following the contours of the bottom.

Well, if your an Instagrammer, my username is @teveman. 


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