Plein Air: Weimar, TX at sunset


Sunset study at Weimar, TX (8×10″, acrylic)

I’ve been wanting to do this Plein air study for some time and tonight was just the right weather to get out there. There are amazing rolling hills just outside of Weimar heading towards LaGrange, TX off hwy 155. I set up, painted in the scene quickly, then waited until just the right moment when the sky was about 15 min before sunset and then it was off to the races. Paint flying everywhere. I had to be fast because I was hardly off the road with hillbilly trucks passing me at 65mph. They don’t slow down. About 1hr after set up, I was headed out back to the house to get the colors right before I forgot. I knew they’d look different in the lighting indoors than at sunset as you can see from the pic out there(bottom) and the one indoors (top).  A few touch ups, and I have the color notes for a huge painting to come! Excited.


11 thoughts on “Plein Air: Weimar, TX at sunset”

  1. I really like this one. I always feel like I want to avoid the “sunset races” because it is a mad dash! I have done it a few times but not enough. Interesting that it looked different outside as opposed to indoors. Isn’t it fun to be excited? Here we have “pot head” hillbillies and I often get a bit antsy being out where I feel vulnerable on certain roads at a certain time. 🙂

  2. So glad I read the previous comments 🙂 I’ll check out both artists mentioned. Just wanted to say how much I liked this sunset, stephenwilliamson.

      1. I’ll check him out. I just started learning to draw last summer, and I’m now exploring different media. It’s inspiring to see so many beautiful works.

      2. Cool. I saw some articles from the top pro painters and everyone of them said drawing was the key to painting. Instagram has a ton of amazing, top artists. Hope that’ll help keep you inspired.

      3. I’m learning more every day, and it’s quite a journey. I want to keep working with different media…haven’t yet come upon a “favorite”. I’ve enjoyed pastels, I’m doing some watercolor, and I’m going to give acrylics and oil a try in the near future. Wish me luck!

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