Another study for a Wildflower Series.


Texas Roadside Lilies 5×7″, oil on masonite
plein air work (unfinished)
It’s been a rainy season in Texas and the wildflowers are popping up everywhere along the roads. After doing several studies like this, I figured I’d turn into a series, this being the third. These lilies (I’m guessing that’s what they are), stood about 1-2 feet tall and are the flowers spread out about 3-4″; enough to catch your eye driving by at 40mph. It actually looks cultivated, but I’ve seen them in several random places near water, so I’m guessing they’re ” wild”. Either way, they were a fun little study for the oil paints. I couldn’t decide what to do about the background while out there, so I just packed up my gear and headed back for lunch. I tried extending the busy foreground behind the flowers, hoping the simple white colors would stand out. Not sure it worked or not, but this is when it’s good to just put it away and take it out later to see it with fresh eyes. 

Well, the suns about to set and I want to catch the “golden hour” for a study of the huge oaks here!



2 thoughts on “Another study for a Wildflower Series.”

  1. Steve, your background worked! Like that you are starting a “series” of all the beautiful Texas wildflowers.

    George and I are getting ready for our trip to Cuba on the 14th. Should be interesting.

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