Studio Work: Helen Hunt Falls


This is the scale up of the plein air study posted previously. It is always fun to put in all the details you couldn’t fit into a little 6×8″ study outside, but try to keep that “fresh” feel when painting in front of the waterfall. It needs to feel fun when you look at it. I discovered a new tool to do just that… a silicone spatula sold in the painting section at Hobby Lobby. It spread on the paint thick for the rocks for great texture in the initial first stage of blocking in the main colors. Later, using a smaller pallet knife, I could overlay the brushed on water to make the appearance of water spray. Lots of little discoveries in the several weeks doing this work make it seem more like playing.  This image was taken with my cell phone and there is a glare on the left side, so I’ll try and put up the professional image after it sits on the wall for a while.  Sometimes, when the mind has time to rest, an improvement will pop out at you. So far it’s helped twice. It’s been another week and nothings jumping out… it might be done (and possibly sold!).

What I’d like to do next time is work with oils and try to emphasize more emotion in it. Clyde Aspevig is a huge inspiration and he relates his paintings to a symphony, where the different aspects of the music orchestrate, or harmonize all the details into one unified tone.  If you have a chance, google his name. I bet you will “see the music” in his work. Amazing.


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