Plein Air Colorado Springs, Palmer Park (Templeton Entrance)


Last week I went back to the Templeton Trailhead at Palmer Park to paint the entrance, very near where I painted in the previous post. Many people pass this area on their exercise walks, so it’s a familiar site in town. Hopefully, I can take this study and produce a larger work that will do it justice for a gallery. I actually placed the rocks up on the top half of the painting because it was going to be one of many small studies of rocks on the same canvas panel, but when I stepped back, I saw it would be a great composition to keep going and paint in the path leading to it. Nice accident!

Here’s the reference photo:


Here’s the painting on location:


As you can see, I kept it very simple with color notes of the rock, rather than trying to detail in every little crack and cranny. In a larger version, I’d take these color notes and use a lot more detail, not to the point of killing the freshness of it, but enough to define the foreground trees, grass and rock and leaving the background very vague. The clouds here are awesome too, so I’d try to enhance those a bit blending it in with the composition, but not distracting from the rocks (the focal point).

I had a lot of compliments from the routine walkers and another lady said it’d sell in a gallery.  Since it seems there are no welding jobs here for new welders (believe me, I’ve tried), maybe this would be a way to gain some income while I try to find something stable. I think logically and it seems that I should leave the Springs area, but this area fits my personality so well, it’s “me”. There has to be a way to stay.  So, I’ll get plugged into the arts community, find a way to sell paintings, get my name out there and …. hope. Faith is hard.


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