Plein Air: Palmer Park, Colorado Springs


Recently I decided to get out of Texas to seek a place in the mountains (or ocean) that I can settle into. The first stop was Colorado Springs, where two very good friends are. (Thanks for everything Luke and Sarah!!)  This place is amazing; an outdoors paradise. In the center of the city is Palmer Park, with fantastic views rock formations among the trees and the possibility of the mountain range with Pikes Peak in the background. This scene is about 1/2 mile in from the east entrance up the trail to the “top” at around 6:30pm. There are several tan or almost orange rock outcroppings that stand out, contrasting with the greens of the trees, and begging to be painted. I’ll gladly oblige with many paintings to come. In this spot, the sun lit up the rock formation just at the right moment, while much of the background was in shadow, providing a dramatic contrast. I had about an hour and a half to catch the scene with clouds changing the lighting every minute or two, but all I wanted to do was catch color notes, like lecture notes taken in short form. The strokes aren’t fully developed like a finished painting, but enough information is there to guide me in carefully done, full scale painting.  I can’t wait to get back out there! …. Now if I can just get a job here. Hopefully I’ll have a good interview this week.

Here’s a reference photo of the scene:



5 thoughts on “Plein Air: Palmer Park, Colorado Springs”

  1. Missed you at the reunion, but are excited about the new possibilities awaiting in CO. It’s one of our top 3 favorite states. Keep those brushes busy, and best to you re job.

  2. Hey Steve, glad to see you out painting again. A friend is traveling to Meeker, Co to see the sheep dog trails. Hope a job turns up to keep you free in the outdoors.

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