Studio Painting: “Country Sunrise”

"Country Sunrise" 11x14" Acrylic. This is a scene near Muldoon, TX in the morning.
“Country Sunrise” 11×14″ Acrylic. This is a scene near Muldoon, TX in the morning.

This is another painting for the Fulshear Art Walk on April 26th. A few weekend ago, I went down the do some ranch work with my uncle.  As I drove out there in the morning, a scene of a huge oak in the background and the cattle in the foreground came into view.  I knew it was a good scene for a painting and slammed on the brakes before I lost the right angle or the cows moved.  I backed up a bit (it was a little like when adjusting a painting on a wall “no, no… a little to the left. Now to the right. Shmidgen back…”. Eventually the cows had just the right back-lighting and I got the shot. Phew.  And this is why artists are really bad drivers on country roads.

Here’s the reference pic:

Reference pic
Reference pic

As you can see, I did quite a bit of alteration changing angles of the land to get rid of too many horizontals and added oaks to the background to give some balance and depth. There is typically Broomweed out there, which is bright, yellow-ochre in the morning light and it just felt right for this painting, so I added it in.  Ranchers hate it, so if a guy with leathery skin, boots and a cowboy hat asks if that’s broomweed at the Art Walk…”What? Broomweed? Why I’d never…”.

Well, it now Friday, sunny and I’m getting out of here for some plein air! Hopefully I’ll see some bluebonnets, big oaks and red blankets for some studies.  That’s pure Texas.


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