Miller Spring's Plein Air painting

Plein Air at Miller Spring: Take 3

Miller Spring's Plein Air painting
8×6″ Acrylic painting at Miller Springs. Upstream from the last post’s area.

Yesterday I beat the clouds again that rolled in today for another go at a shallow creek with grasses at Miller Springs. This scene was upstream of the last place. In fact, I’m up on the hilltop in the background of the last painting! There’s just something sweet about painting water and hearing the sounds of it gently rolling by. It’s so calming. An hour and a half rolled by in maybe ten minutes. It’s magic.

If you need some inspiration with viewing a master at this type of subject, look at Renato Muccillo’s work. He can take scenes like this into a world of poetry.

Here’s the quick five minute sketch I did beforehand to plan and see the design before starting. The reason it’s so effective is that it forces you to see the scene in values (light/dark) and is a perfect spot to emphasize how to say what you want the viewer to see.

pre-painting sketch
It may seem like chicken scratch, but this can really improve a painting!

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