painting at Miller Springs

Another “Bob Ross” Day at Miller Springs

painting at Miller Springs
Painting at spring fed creeks at Miller Springs (Belton, TX). 8×6″ Acrylic on canvas panel.

After having so much fun mountain biking and painting yesterday at Miller Springs in Belton, I couldn’t wait to get back out there.  A park ranger at the entrance happened to be walking by while I scanned the area map billboard and gave me some great areas to visit. There’s an entirely new section I didn’t know about with huge cliffs… another day!  Today, I wanted to explore a bit especially in the spring fed creeks.  At a very shallow crossing the rocks sky reflection lit up the water among the grass, reed and rocks.  As I looked down near me, the reflection gave way and the algae covered rocks were visible.  Great challenge!  While painting, that Bob Ross video popped into my head today, so I dedicate this one to all those “happy little grasses”, thanks Bob.

I thought about getting a bigger canvas to fit in the detail, but the aim for this is to just get all the color and basic design.  If it turns out, I think I’ll scale it up to a 18 x 24″, getting most of it done in the studio, then head out there at the same time, same place to get the final details.  The studio definitely has it perks (constant lighting, loads of paint, big easel…), but there is nothing like being there.  I want to catch the feel of it so close you can practically hear the water bumbling over the rocks and smell the wet grass.  Hopefully it’ll work. Great day!

Oh, for the artists: you know what a fantastic little backpack transport is for your brushes? A wide-20oz. mouth Gatorade bottle! I had to chop off some of the ends of a few brushes, but it’s perfect.  If I can figure out how to carry a wet-paint canvas in there, it’d be worth trying out those water-mixable oil paints! Any tips?

Here’s a pic after the light had almost set on the horizon (meaning the park rangers are going to kick me out):

I wish I caught the colors while the sun was lighting the grasses right in front of me. Next time!
I wish I caught the colors while the sun was lighting the grasses right in front of me as in the painting. Next time!

( #Painting #Art #Pleinair )


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