Portraits of Nature Series #3: “Handful of Light”

"Handful of Light" 5x7" Acrylic.
“Handful of Light” 5×7″ Acrylic.

This is a Christmas Fern, something I saw often lining the sides of the Appalachian Trail.  The canopy is so thick it only allows pockets of light to get to the ground. The back lit fern leaflets reached up into those pockets and looked like they glowed.

Artist Note: I really had to push the opposites of both values and color to reach the “illuminated” look.  Maurice Shapiro does this so well in his skies. If you really want to reach an emotional level with color, go to his blog and look at his works.  You’ll learn.

About the “Portraits of Nature” series:
It seems like a simple concept to paint a tree, a rock or even a clump of grass. Just add a cotton ball to a stump and … TREE!! Right. Wrong. It’s the common perception of a tree, but it’s like a stereotype. What if it could tell it’s unique story? That’s what I aim to present: a portrait that tells the story. How can I do this? Nature doesn’t hide anything, but bears its marks on the outside, like looking into the eyes of someone you know. So let me fall silent and let these individuals of nature present themselves through this series.


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