Plein Air Columbus, TX: day 4

I went back and tackled the schoolyard tree (see two posts back), and it was a better scenario today. I didn’t get whistled at by the PE teacher and onlookers were saying “good job”, rather than looking with an expression of “Well, what is it?”. An old man came by and gave me a few extra canvases. After taking that painting as far as I could, I added kids and the PE teacher at home. The PE teacher said,”Just don’t add me in there.”, but she blew her whistle at me. She’s now immortalized on canvas.
Trying a bold attempt at another 16×20″, I got down the color notes for a scene with a famous oak downtown. Hopefully I can finish it later.

Tomorrow it’s the big day for the festival and I’ll be painting during a reenactment of the Texian’s (Sam Houston’s army) against Santa Anna’s army.


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