Plein Air Columbus, TX: day 3


Yesterday’s drawing of the Live Oaks really helped with today’s Plein air work. It rained about 4-5 inches last night and the tree’s bark was so dark it was hard to see any form at all. I added highlights to the bark at home from what I remember of the sketch (see yesterday’s post). The old car parked at just the right spot, and apparently is well known by the folks passing by to chat. This is a 16×20″, which is pretty big for Plein air work, but my job is to “be seen” and get onlookers into an artsy mood for the festival.

Oh, and I found a great use for my Go-Go Gadget bendy clamp arm! It held my pallet perfectly! I think I’ll make a few more so my easel looks like Doc Ock. One for a sun shade, one for my iPhone to get Timelapse shots… A cup holder … fuzzy dice… important stuff.


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