Portraits of Nature Series: Timelapse Sunset

A quick painting of a sunset. 5×7″ acrylic. The timelapse video is below.

(link to video)

James Gurney, Vladimir Volgov and many other painters are videotaping their paintings in progress and posting it up on YouTube as a timelapse video. Timelapse is a way to compact a 2 hours into a minute or for my trial run today, 20 minutes into 10 seconds.

In going out to look for another portrait, I sat down to paint one thing, when the sunset just begun. It was perfect timing. I simply pivoted my easel, pushed the “record” button on my Timelapse iPhone app, as was off and running. I questioned if a sunset qualifies as a portrait since it’s only a moment that nobody will see again. But, then that’s really what WE are in a larger timescale. We’re a blink of beauty hoping to be somehow remembered. So, this was the sunset and it will be remembered.

This was a trail run. Next time, I know to let the video sit a bit longer to show the final portrait, but at least you can see it as it’s being made. I hope you enjoy watching the process and I hope to do a lot more!

About the “Portraits of Nature” series:
It seems like a simple concept to paint a tree, a rock or even a clump of grass. Just add a cotton ball to a stump and … TREE!! Right. Wrong. It’s the common perception of a tree, but it’s like a stereotype. What if it could tell it’s unique story? That’s what I aim to present: a portrait that tells the story. How can I do this? Nature doesn’t hide anything, but bears its marks on the outside, like looking into the eyes of someone you know. So let me fall silent and let these individuals of nature present themselves through this series.


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