“Trail Booty”: Plein Air at Dana Peak Trails (Belton, TX)


If I’m going to trek 10mi/day and still get in some painting/sketches on the Appalachian Trail, I better get my body and mind set for it. I did this quick sketch on a 8-9mi hike. I had so much fun last time along the Lampasas River, I was looking for the perfect view as I traveled around the lakeside. There were okay views, but nothing seemed to jump out. Around 5 miles in (my turn-around point) I spotted some dewberries! Few things taste as sweet and hit the spot like the dewberry on a hike. I foraged a bit, pulled out a few thin thorns in my fingers and started heading back to the trail head. As I was leaving, I realized that was the moment. It wasn’t a grand view, it was the simple unforeseen gift. I sat back down next to a dewberry vine, which was in the sun against a dark background, and sketched with a pencil until I could see the composition. Out came my ziplock bag of cheap paints, detail brushes and the water mister. About 40 minutes later it felt like I had captured the sweet moment of the day. It really is the simple things!


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