Grace Ranch Longhorn

A couple of weekend ago I was down helping Uncle Kenny at the ranch and taking photos of the longhorns as a reference for future paintings.  Seems like either they have their heads down, turn right as you take a photo or the lighting is off somehow.  Just as we were leaving, I spotted this longhorn in the oak grove with green winter rye and light coming sideways in the late afternoon.

Shot of the longhorn just as we were leaving
Shot of the longhorn just as we were leaving

I did this study of the longhorn which will go into helping produce a much larger painting from this photo reference.

10x8" Acrylic on canvas panel (
10×8″ Acrylic on canvas panel (

When this bull was young it was easy to pet, but now it just big enough to make you take a second look to make sure it’s approachable. The loose style of the background with slightly cool colors are meant to add emotion to the setting and a mysterious questioning feeling to his pose.


6 thoughts on “Grace Ranch Longhorn”

  1. I have loved Longhorns for a lifetime. The photo and the painting moved me to even a greater appreciation of this magnificent animal. Thank You and keep up the good work.

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