Old Pics, New Paintings

I ordered a bunch of 6×8 canvas panels to do small painting for selling at Daily Paint Works and art booths, and have tested them out to see if they’d be big enough for plein air painting. I drug out my photos from my digital stash in the “need to paint” folder.

"Sunset at Tyler State Park" 8x6 Acrylic
“Sunset at Tyler State Park” 8×6 Acrylic

The first was taken kayaking at Tyler State Park with my friend Jeremy near the dam (where the most fish are, by the way).  Photos NEVER do sunset colors justice, so I wanted to see if I could “enhance” the bright colors to make the illusion more realistic.  It’s very tempting to blend those bright clouds in (like the pic), but when I stand back, that’s what makes them pop out.  It’ll never be as good as the real thing, but it’s getting closer. Here’s the reference pic.

reference pic

This is a longhorn calf from Kenny’s ranch that I saw just as I was driving home, resting in a patch of bluebonnets.  Even a guy can admit that’s cute.

"Dozing Off" 6x8" Acrylic
“Dozing Off” 6×8″ Acrylic
reference pic
reference pic

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