IOU Ranch

"I O U Ranch" 6x8" Oil
“I O U Ranch” 6×8″ Oil

On the way to go paint the previous painting of Nolen Creek, there’s a “ranch” with old rusted farm equipment adorned like decoration for the surrounded brick homes with green lawns and sprinkler systems. It stands out. I guess it could be called “junk”, but it’s really cool, artsy junk. Their mailbox seem to summarize the personality of the place. It’s rusted, welded, pink pipe tube welded to cut out sheet metal and ship anchor chain link and a car tire hub. When you wait a while, you realize the cut out letters paste a sign in the shadow. Neat idea. How could you not like that? Here’s the actual pink mailbox below. I don’t do pink, sorry. I changed the “ranch” name for fun.

reference photo
reference photo

2 thoughts on “IOU Ranch”

  1. i liked this painting so much I had to buy it! I prefer the blue to pink, also. I’m drawn to paintings with blue or red in them as accent colors, like the red roof line of the La Grange brewery area painting.

    1. I’m packaging up your painting as I type. Hope you like it! I tend to like those colors too to go with the greens of the trees and fields. The old red rust color on tin covered barns is great when the sun hits it just right.
      Thanks again for getting the painting!

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