“Ranch View at High Hill Rd”

While taking a country drive in Wiemar, TX last week along High Hill Rd with Mom and Gracie (grandma), we passed by this view. I took a pic and jotted down mental notes of color and values. Update: If you’re looking for this spot, I now think this was near High Hill Cemetery, but on Seidel Rd. on the bend in the road nearby (thanks Richard!). It’s would be a great spot to plein air paint, so I hope you go find it!

reference pic.  The grasses were more light tan than orange, but with some mental adjusting it pic worked great to paint from.
Reference pic: the grasses were more light tan (almost white) than orange, but with some mental adjustments the pic worked great.

Normally, a painter has a hard time finding good colors in winter (and a drought) when the grass isn’t plush and green. What a lesson for me. I dismissed the “norms” and forced myself to look at the scene for what it does have, and was amazed. Brilliant tans and yellow in the grasses, contrasting the green of the live oaks and complimenting the blues of the distance. How could I have been missing this?? And who doesn’t like and old crusty barn? This isn’t “en plein air” since it was painted back in a warm house after dropping off grandma, but who cares. It felt great to brush on those bold tans and greens!! I added some cows to give perspective of distance and show of how huge the live oaks are.

"High Hill Ranch Views" Acrylic 11x14 sold
“High Hill Ranch Views” Acrylic 11×14

On to more winter paintings!



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