“Nature’s Song”

"Nature's Song" 12x16"
“Nature’s Song” 12×16″

I’ve been hiking on the trail by Dana Peak Park (Harker Heights, TX) trying capture and pass on some of the sweet, peaceful nature moments I’ve had.  I started this about three weeks ago gathering reference photos of the area specifically with Spanish Oaks and other trees with fall colors.  In the following video, you’ll see how it started with a mash-up of different reference photos (thanks for the idea Robert Hagan!) and an glass overlay painted with acrylics to sketch out a composition.  After that, I progress through all the many stages.  If you see a little man by the main foreground tree before the leaves are filled in, that’s my Dad about to do some chainsaw art.  Didn’t work, Dad out.  Sorry Dad! Then, there’s a massive middle ground change, thinking I need more darks with trees to brighten up the foreground.  Hmm. Outta there! Finally, I established a dark foreground to emphasize the views out towards the lake.  For the last tidbit, I’ve often seen whitetail deer at Dana Peak, and this fit perfectly with the scene!  So after many layers of oil paints and “aha” moments, this journey of a painting is now complete, “Nature’s Song”.


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