Weimar, TX Ranch Scenes

Making a painting is like a mini adventure in itself as you’ll see here. While visiting Weimar, TX, I headed down Sedan St (“Say-don”) and onto the Weimar-Dubina Rd looking for possible painting scenes while taking a jog.  I’ve passed this ranch many times before and figured it was time to have a go at it.

Here’s the reference pic from my iPhone

The colors are a bit off as my iPhone tried desperately to make sense of what came though that ultra small camera lens in fading light.  Changing the composition around a bit by curving the fence and adding a big Live Oak to feel more inviting, I came up with this 8×10 acrylic sketch.  The shadows from the fence (hard to see in the original photo) were really cool.

8×10 Acrylic sketch

A bit farther down the street I had seen a horse ranch with a new colt and it’s mom.  I’m a guy, but it’s hard not to be at least a little sentimental when you see a gangly-legged colt and the Mom right there to protect it.  Nature is awesome.

Mom and colt seen while jogging.

I thought it’d be neat to add horses into the painting and try my new oils (Thank you Spunky!).   I drew up the design, watched a quick Richard Robinson video lesson and started spreading some pigment.  I found some good reference pics to add a couple horses and a rider to give the painting a story of someone returning home. I had planned on adding the white fence and having the rider’s horse nosing a colt over the fence, but it didn’t fit the composition.  So now I have a horse and rider looking left with nothing to see. Hmm. Flowers? Maybe? Hey, I have these awesome, vibrant paints, what the heck.  Instantly, it was Springtime. Weimar needs rain so badly I figured I’d add a rain cloud.  I also added some buzzards because, well, Texas has lots of buzzards…. and there it is.  Maybe I should call it “Fall, no Spring with Horses looking at flowers or Buzzards”.  Perhaps a shorter name would be better.

“Painted Fields” 11×14 Oils

This is taken with my iPhone inside, but the colors are close enough to give you the idea of what it looks like.   Onto new adventures.

Just found out I used gobs of two of the slowest drying colors available, so it’ll be quite some time before its available for sale.  Oh well, it’s worth it and I’ll keep on using those brilliant colors!!


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