Carlton, TX ranch views

Here’s a commission work I’m working through (work doesn’t sound right…”playing with”…better). It’s going to be a fun one for sure!  I asked my great aunt Helen, “What do you love about this ranch?”. Her single response “The view.  I love to look out my window and see the view.”.   I noted things about the view that gives the ranch it’s personality and headed off to do a quick color reference sketch.

Left side of the main view from the window
Right side view from window


This is the 8×10″ study in the field (literally) to get accurate colors the photos can’t seem to catch. Detail’s were left out and can be reference from the pics.


Here’s the first stage in going from the 8×10″ to a 24×36″ panorama. Next, I’ll sketch in the base colors to get the colors/values right.

Blocking in the background.

Done blocking in. Now to go back over it.

Added in the details over the base colors.

24″ x 36″ Acrylic on canvas panel

So, after about a month of painting, leaving it alone.. then painting again, it’s finished.  She loves it!


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