Richard Robinson’s Workshop 10 Study

Here’s some pics from the steps I’ve taken in Workshop 10 and some thoughts on each:

In a book “Bold Strokes”, it teaches to make each stroke count by limiting the number of strokes. I’m trying to paint this challenge in 50 strokes. We’ll see how it goes.

Find a concept for the painting and make notan sketches to fit that concept with good composition.


Cropped original photo to match notan:

Simple value study:


Use a “Gamut Mask” page for a simple color harmony:


The resulting sketch:


The first attempt (8×10 canvas panel)


Self Critique:

Good: The result is dramatic and holds the the original concept. My brushstroke were amazingly loose!! I was forced to load my brush and carefully apply bold strokes! It made the preparations of sketches really helpful!

To work on: At first shot, the values of the midground shadows were too dark and I had to repaint them to be lightened (which put me over 50 strokes – oh well). The foreground needs some interest (too plain and blocky). I may go for 75 strokes instead. This will still force me to stay bold, yet allow for foreground rocks and interest.

On to try two!

Concept: invite viewer into background

What would happen if I change the values and drawing slightly to make the mid-ground appear closer? Would it seem more inviting to the viewer to go to the background?
Foreground: 25-75% value range except near base with highlight near 10%
Mid ground: 10-50% value range with more detail around opening
Background: 10-25% ish value range.
Sky: around 10% or less.


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