The Apple Challenge, and an Answer

Why am I painting this?: The DPW challege was to paint an apple with as few colors as needed and still give a 3-D illusion. (I highly recommend doing these challenges along with Richard Robinson’s challenges!) In doing this I hoped to learn from other artist also completing the challenge and maybe sell it for a little spending money. I never expected an answer to my initial question!


Another artist commented on my painting:

“As a recipient of many apples over the years (I am a retired teacher) I got a warm fuzzy feeling from this one. One day a Kindergarten Kid did not know why kids would leave apples on my desk, so she “stole” a can of fruit from her mom’s kitchen and left it on my desk. That is the one I remember the most. I am tempted to buy yours as representative to my good life as a teacher.”

I replied, “I’m sending it right away, no charge!”. She responded, “I will frame it nicely and pay the good deed forward.”.


I learned an important lesson through this. Artist don’t make much money, the competition is stifling, and after pouring your heart into a painting the last thing you want to do is give it away! However, this reminded me why I paint. I paint in hopes that someone else may find value in it and be inspired. The value in her comment and especially in stating she would pay it forward renewed my sense of purpose. In gifting, I received a priceless return, an answer.

If you ever find you are losing inspiration to paint, put your heart into a painting for someone else. Then, give it to them without expecting anything in return. I promise, this act will give you a sense of freedom from the inside out.

Update: She sent an email with it framed and said it now hangs in her kitchen.



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