“A Quick Pause” – Chickadee #2

Why am I painting this? At Daily Paintworks, my recent cardinal painting was bid on and has two followers.  I looked at the other bird paintings, and there’s not much or they are really $$$. Also, gotta paint my favorite NC bird! Might give it to Kay since she donate a ton of art supplies! We’ll see how it turns out.

Notes on painting:

Found pics from Flickr “Commons” that can be used for painting without copyright infringement if I do sell it. Go to Flickr Commons (Attribution License) and type in chickadee. 

Quick sketch on 8×10″ panel and watered it down around the chickadee.  

Background: Painted on the background colors letting it spread like watercolor on a soaked sheet. Used coarse bristle brush to darken in background color. 

The Bird: Painted in the blacks and started painting the whites.  Thought it’d be cool to have a texture, so gesso’ed the white area in feathered look. (hind site: don’t let rim form on the outside line of bird). Used 1/8″ flat head brush to add in feathers — add darks to make it look round and with undercolors, then feather it in with a progression toward the whites. 

The branch: Gesso’d in branch, then added color. For the shadow, watered down black; lights, watered down white. Cool texture!! Will do this a lot from now on!


Turned out pretty good!  Hope Kay likes it!


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