DailyPaintWorks Challenge

Why am I painting this? I signed up for dailypaintworks.com as a self challenge to paint more efficiently and hope for sales.

I bought some 8×10 canvas panels ($60 for 75 panels! including shipping) and will be trying to either plein air paint, set up a still life or choose a random photo from a past outdoors adventure each day for 75 days.  I’ve noticed when I paint, the first 1-2 hours is rapid, but then I start getting too detailed and my day is gone.  A friend at thecompleteartist also sells here and said she’s noticed rapid improvement since she’s started.


This painting of a cardinal is ok, but not great.  I like the bird itself, but feel it lacks color in the background and I should have positioned the bird slightly to the right more.  Compensating with a random berry vine helped a bit, but not much. Oh well, they won’t all be good. I’ve started a DailyPaintWorks blog. This should help me brush up on figuring out relevant material a buyer would want to know (very little, and no technical stuff).

I’m headed out to my uncles ranch to work on a vineyard and will do some plein air painting of the ponds.  Should be a great learning experience!

Update: VERY IMPORTANT LESSON: I took another picture after varnishing.  The neutral background color dried and dulled, but when varnished, the wet color came back and really helped!  Here’s the difference below:

Same painting, but post varnishing! (If it's not viewable, click this link, or click above where the image should be)

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