Imaginative Painting

Why am I painting this? I’m working on the Colorado River painting and I found it helps to switch gears before coming back to it.  This hit the sweet spot.

"Mountain Lights"

I friend of mind requested a painting she saw on StephenWilliamsonArt and I remembered how much fun a fast, imaginative painting can be! (Thanks Ellen! ) No photos, no getting stumped and trying to repair mess-ups, no high contrast orange/purple…just soft glows of mountain cabins at night. Ahh.   I did a quick idea sketch, blocked in major zones (working from the sky, then mountains and forward), then went back and added detail to each as my imagination went full-scale.  It was like a story being unfolded, most likely a place I dream of. The glow of the cabin lights to the main log cabin instigated other cabin across the lake with cool reflections, then little small, barely visible light in the back mountain.  The effect was luring to the eye and imagination to associate the main log cabin with the other lights.  One dot; one cabin! In the end, I’m now ready to finish the Colorado River painting refreshed. A much better zoom view can be seen at site.


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